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We have just sent the following email to #digidisciples, requesting participation in #BigRead12. We already know that some will prefer to focus on the content they have already volunteered to give, so we’ll be on the lookout for others to add content on those dates, in whatever creative way you feel is right – as part of ‘Bigger Bible Conversations’:

Thank you so much for your contributed contributions to #Digidisciple! Numbers visiting the site have nearly doubled since we started that stream.

As you may know, The Big Bible Project emerged from The Big Read 2010, and we are currently gearing up for #BigRead12 – we really hope that lots of you are going to be signing up for the newsletter from 12Baskets, engaging with the housegroup materials, and commenting, blogging/tweeting about it over Lent.

One of the activities we wanted to ensure happened this year is that we have a blog post each day related to what Tom Wright has written. This was not part of the ‘deal’ you accepted as a #digidisciple, so if this doesn’t fit with what you plan to write at all, please just let me know, and I can seek out others who would be keen to have a go at blogging (or if you know someone who would be suitable, also just let me know).

Just to clarify: This does not need to be extra work, but a chance to use your regular #digidisciple post(s), either to weave in something from #bigread12, or to have a change of focus for a post!

For many, though, I think what Tom Wright has written is broad enough and there are a range of options for engaging:

  • Look at the same Bible verses (in any translation) and give your own reading of it.
  • Engage with Tom Wright’s commentary, either directly, or picking up on a theme that he has picked up on (with image, text, video).
  • Echo the prayer he gives at the end of each post.
  • Look at the questions from the housegroup material and see if any of those can be drawn out upon particularly.

Does that seem simple enough? Lent does run for OVER 40 days, starting on 22nd February this year, with Tom Wright’s readings finishing on 14th April.

We have sent #digidisciple(s) the extract from Tom’s book for that day, so as we get responses we’ll know which ones are still up for grabs! Email me bex.lewis[at]durham.ac.uk if you’re interested in participating. 

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