#BigRead12, Week 1: Wednesday

Are you joining us for The Big Read 2012? Look for today’s reading in the book, or sign up for daily emails from 12Baskets. Here’s today’s thoughts:

Bible Reading

WEEK 1: WEDNESDAY: Mark 3.20-35, focussed on 3.20-30

Discussion Point

  • #BigRead12: What do you think of the #gospels? Do you trust them? Find them remarkable? Find something new whenever you read?


  • 40 Acts: Check out today’s act: Be spontaneous
  • Tear Fund Carbon Fast: Choose one carbon action and stick to it for four years – till the next leap year!
  • Christian Aid: After severe flooding in Pakistan in 2010, Lal Chand lost everything. But with the support of Christian Aid partner CWS-P/A he is now training to become an electrician and will be able to support his family. Give 10p for every light in your home.

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