Facebook Ads for #bigread12

Well, we said we wanted to ‘experiment by example’. Plenty of you have probably already tried Facebook Ads, which have seen a rise of 1600% over the past year. Last year, when we first set up a Facebook page, I tested out, with a maximum of £10, to see the effectiveness. We spent £4.51, and got 16 new followers, which I thought was a good return!

So, with #BigRead12 fast approaching, we’re giving it another test, with a £30 budget this time.

Simply go to the Facebook Ads creation page, and fill in the data available to you. This is one time that you want to narrow your targets.  We ignored the ‘broad’ targets, and went for the specific areas such as Christian, Bible. The box you see on the right hand side tells you how many people this targets, so you can play around until you find a range that you think works. The advert will look like this, and started appearing Monday. It will be interesting to see what the stats demonstrate. We’ve got a lot more to learn, as advice like this demonstrates. Have you used Facebook ads? What would your advice be?

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