Press Release: ‘After studying for 35 years, the questions don’t always get any easier.’ – Theologian, Professor Tom Wright

The Gospel of Mark is shallow enough for a child to paddle in but deep enough for an elephant to wade in.” – Tom Wright

It’s not often that you get a chance to ask a question directly to one of the world’s foremost (and busiest) theologians, but Professor Tom Wright took an to answer questions live online.

Some questions had been submitted beforehand via Facebook and Twitter, whilst others were presented via a chat window or audio feed, directly to Professor Wright, who noted that although he has been studying this material for 35 years, the questions don’t always get any easier.

The online event launched The Big Read 2012, in which house groups across the country will engage with Professor Wright’s text Lent for Everyone: Mark. Asked why Lent, and why Mark, Professor Wright responded that it helps us to get into the right frame of mind for Easter, and fits in with a tri-annual cycle of readings known as the Lectionary.

Professor Wright dealt with 26 questions with admirable aplomb, as these ranged from generic to deep theology. Asked why we should continue to read the Bible, he noted that even after nearly 60 years of reading the Bible in depth, he still gets something new out of it at every reading. When questioned as to what the purpose was of new translations, he compared it to Beethoven – the core piece of music is the same, but every conductor interprets it differently, bringing something new to it.

You can find out exactly what was asked, and how Professor Wright responded by logging on to view the recording of the webinar on:

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