The Big Read offers a spiritual feast for Lent #BigRead12 (Press Release 2)

Safer Internet Day – Christians are continuing to find new and inspirational ways use digital media biblically.

The Big Bible project does just that, with the #BigRead12. It encourages small groups to meet to study the Bible, but also engage globally in ‘Bigger Bible conversations’ via social media.

This year it will involve daily social media challenges – to get people talking about the material and really engaging with it.

Press Release

Christians across Britain are preparing to take fresh look at Mark’s Gospel as they get involved in the 2012 Big Read.

The Big Read started in North-East England in 2010, bringing together Christians from different churches to study Luke for Lent – a book written by the former Bishop of Durham, Tom Wright. In 2011, the Big Read went digital and national, making full use of the social media that many of use every day. Over 24,000 people engaged on the Project website over Lent, others chatted on social media, 5,000 accessed the book via YouVersion’s smartphone app, and nearly 20,000 copies were sold. This year the Big Read will focus on Tom Wright’s new book ‘Lent for Everyone: Mark’.

Big Bible Project Manager Dr Bex Lewis said,

“Many people give up a range of foods for Lent, but The Big Bible Project encourages you to ‘feast’ upon the Bible. Free house group materials are structured around menus and include ideas for (conversation) starters and a main course, where you get into the ‘meat’ of the Bible.”

The project encourages small groups to meet to study the Bible, but also engage globally in ‘Bigger Bible conversations’ via social media.  This year it will involve daily social media challenges – to get people talking about the material and really engaging with it. Collaborating on the project this year are: John Pantry, Brian Draper, Bridgitte Tetteh, Krish Kandiah, Katei Kirby, Sheridan Voysey and Eunice Obianagha.

Professor Tom Wright, formerly the Bishop of Durham, now Research Professor at the University of St Andrews will be participating in a webinar on 21st February, 1–2pm, to launch #BigRead12. It’s an opportunity for people to ask him questions about theology, or his new book Lent for Everyone; Mark, so get your questions ready!

The Big Read is organised by the Big Bible Project, which is supported by Premier Christian Radio, The Methodist Church, The Bible Society, Twelve Baskets and SPCK. Big Bible is an online digital community that seeks to draw Christians from all churches and none into deeper engagement with the Bible through local reading groups and online conversations.

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Editor’s Notes

1. The Big Bible Project offers a space for people to go on a journey, increasing both their Biblical literacy and their digital literacy.

?       Big Bible wants people to be able to access resources about the Bible by highlighting events, good news stories, digital stories, and explorations of the use of the Bible online and offline: read, engage and experience.

?       The Big Read offers a resourced example of how Bible reading can work in a wider community by providing a suite of resources for Lent Bible readings.

?       In the Digital Literacy area Big Bible provides resources enabling people to get online and engage, and is developing a wiki which will crowdsource both basic instructions and worked case studies.

?       A #digidisciple for the bigbible project is someone who lives ‘Biblically in the Digital Age’ – sharing their biblical journey. So far, sixty people have offered their own digital experiences in a series of posts ranging from practicalities to deep theology.

2. The Big Bible Project is a part of CODEC (Christian Communication in a Digital Age), a research initiative based at St John’s College in Durham – a new institution in a hundred year old College exploring the interfaces between the Bible, the digital environment and contemporary culture.

3. Professor Tom Wright, formerly the Bishop of Durham, has been Research Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity at theUniversity of St Andrews for 18 months. He is a regular broadcaster on radio and television, and is the author of over forty books, including the recently completed ‘For Everyone’ guides to the New Testament, and the best-selling Simply Jesus, Simply Christian,Surprised by Hope, and Virtue Reborn.

4. Collaborators to The Big Read 2012

John Pantry (Premier Radio), Brian Draper (Echosounder), Bridgitte Tetteh (Premier Radio), Krish Kandiah (Evangelical Alliance), Katei Kirby (Methodist Church), Sheridan Voysey (Author/Speaker) and Eunice Obianagha (Pentecost Festival).

5. Full list of supporters and sponsors:

The Bible Society; The Methodist Church; Premier Christian Media; 12Baskets; SPCK; St John’s College, University of Durham.

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