#BigRead12 Daily Challenges

Have you been partaking in the #bigread12 daily challenges, published in daily blog posts, on Twitter, and (usually) on Facebook. We were posting daily, but thought the pre-warning may help some think about the materials. 

21st February 2012

  • What do you hope to get from #bigread12?
  • What does #Lent mean for you?

22nd February 2012:

  • How do you prepare for a journey? What do you need to take with you? #preparejourney

23rd February 2012:

  • Who inspires you? #Inspirer

24th February 2012:

  • Jesus says ‘Follow Me’. Who do you follow? Give a #FF for someone who challenges your thinking.

25th February 2012:

  • The weekend is a time for rest. Challenge: Turn phone off for an hour & consciously engage with something.

26th February 2012

  • This is a day to reflect on our temptations? What tempts you? #Tempter

27th February 2012:

  • Where do you find as a good space to reflect? Cosider geotagging yourself there.

28th February 2012:

  • Think about your giftings. How do you identify these? #giftings

29th February 2012:

  • #BigRead12 What do you think of the #gospels? Do you trust them? Find them remarkable? Find something new whenever you read?

1st March 2012:

  • #BigRead12: Plant a seed.  What does it require to grow?  Add photos online. Can we get #bigseed12 going?

2nd March 2012:

  • It’s OK to feel fearful. Can we collect enough words to create a Wordle out of words related to abandonment/fear? Use #wordfear in tweets.

3rd March 2012:

  • Are you scared of silence? Try being silent: take time out to listen to your deepest thoughts.

4th March 2012:

  • There are questions of suffering in today’s Tom Wright’s notes. What good online resources are there about suffering?

5th March 2012:

  • We read of the calm in the storm. -What verses encourage you that God is with you (consider linking to online verses)?

6th March 2012:

  • What is holding you back? Link to images, verses, etc. that encourage us in our desire to ‘Fly free’.

7th March 2012:

  • What is/are your #rulesforlife, e.g. eat healthy, have fun?

8th March 2012:

  • When interrupted, do you react with the generosity of spirit that Jesus demonstrates in today’s verses?

9th March 2012:

10th March 2012:

  • What does it look like to #behuman?

11th March 2012:

  • How do your #churchexpectations impact your church experience? or
  • Create a ‘beauty in creation’ Pinterest board, e.g.http://pinterest.com/drbexl/awesomeworld/. If they are your copyright, look to upload to 12Baskets so a wider audience can use them.

12th March 2012:

  • Encourage someone who has exceeded your expectations #LoveMonday

13th March 2012:

  • How much does a church exterior tell you about the interior? #churchexpectations

14th March 2012:

  • Challenge: Connect outside your comfort zone. #challengemythinking

15th March 2012:

  • Mad, Bad or the Son of God? Describe Jesus in 120 characters. #Jesus120

16th March 2012:

  • What one word would you use to describe #Jesus? #1wordJesus

17th March 2012:

18th March 2012:

  • What are you #thankful for?

19th March 2012:

  • What do you think are the causes of spiritual hunger today?

20th March 2012:

  • How does the use of (decontexualised) quotes change the meaning (of what was actually said)?

21st March 2012:

22nd March 2012:

  • “Whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant”. What does this look like for us?

23rd March 2012:

  • What is our ‘cloak’? What is so precious we won’t give it up? #mycloak

24th March 2012:

  • What can we add to the hashtag #ConversationStarters?

25th March 2012

  • Take delight in scripture. Whats your #faveverse?

26th March 2012:

27th March 2012:

  • What character do you most identify with in the Bible? #Biblecharacter

28th March 2012:

  • What do you want your life to look like? Write your own epitaph, which will highlight what you “have achieved”.

29th March 2012:

  • Can you think of examples where cultural differences may change the #Bible message for us?

30th March 2012:

  • Pick up a newspaper. Read a story. Pick up a Bible. How do the two inform each other?

31st March 2012:

  • Today is a really long read Mark 14.1 – 15.47. Take the time to read it, & contribute your first thoughts.

1st April 2012:

2nd April 2012:

  • What’s the #bestpresent that you’ve ever received. What value (not £) was the gift to you?

3rd April 2012:

  • Can you pick a parable and give it a modern day interpretation? #modernparable

4th April 2012:

  • The Servant King: How do you feel watching the treatment that #Jesus underwent?

5th April 2012:

  • Think of places you have visited (local/global) and how this has changed your perspective. #travelchanges

6th April 2012:

  • How do we know when something is ‘finished’? #itisfinished

7th April 2012:

  • Think through what it means to wait for something, and appreciate it again in a new light.

8th April 2012:

  • Look out for today’s live crowdsourced online service organised by @vahva #Easter

9th April 2012:

  • Think of scars that you may have, and what lessons they may have taught you?

10th April 2012

  • It’s a bank holiday. We should take time to stop in a busy world. Time to celebrate the new start that we’ve been offered.

11th April 2012

  • How did your #bigseed12 do? Think about the value of small steps in a journey of change.

12th April 2012

  • #Nothingisimpossible. What change would you like to see in the world?

13th April 2012

  • What does truly giving look like? #trulygiving

14th April 2012

  • We may be the only #Bible that some people see. How should that affect the way we live?

15th April 2012

  • What did you get from #bigread12?
  • What is your post-Easter resolution – what transformation have you felt?


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