#BigRead12: Week 3: Sunday

Are you joining us for The Big Read 2012? Look for today’s reading in the book, or sign up for daily emails from 12Baskets. Here’s today’s thoughts:

Bible Reading

SUNDAY—LENT 3: Psalm 19

Discussion Point

  • #BigRead12: How do your #churchexpectations impact your church experience? or Create a ‘beauty in creation’ Pinterest board, e.g. http://pinterest.com/drbexl/awesome-world/. If they are your copyright, look to upload to 12Baskets so a wider audience can use them


  • Tear Fund Carbon FastMany poor farmers in developing countries have to change their farming practices because of changes in weather related to climate change. Pray for Tearfund’s work as we help farmers by providing understanding of the changes and what they can do to adapt

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