#BigRead12: Week 3: Thursday

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Bible Reading

THURSDAY:  Mark 8.1-30, focussed on 8.22-30

Discussion Point

  • #BigRead12: Mad, Bad or the Son of God? Describe Jesus in 120 characters. #Jesus120


  • 40 Acts: Check out today’s act: be polite on the road
  • Tear Fund Carbon Fast: Lend or borrow items like ladders, lawnmowers or even cars, instead of buying them new. The first time you do this, give money you save to Tearfund – www.tearfund.org/giving.
  • Christian Aid:  In Somalia, for every 80 children born, one of their mothers will die from causes connected with the pregnancy. In Britain there is around one death for every 8,000 children born. Give 20p for every child you are related to.

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