#BigRead12: Week 5: Monday

Are you joining us for The Big Read 2012? Look for today’s reading in the book, or sign up for daily emails from 12Baskets. Here’s today’s thoughts:

Bible Reading

MONDAY: Mark 11, focussed on 11.12-25

Discussion Point

  • #BigRead12: What roadsigns could be used to illustrate our spiritual life? You could look here for UK roadsigns.


  • 40 Acts: Check out today’s act: talk to strangers
  • Tear Fund Carbon Fast:   Meat-free Monday. Don’t eat meat (or dairy if you’re a vegetarian) today. You could even be more adventurous and commit to not eat meat every Monday, or for a whole month. Visit www.tearfund.org/carbonfast to see Tearfund’s paper on this issue and some thoughts about different kinds of meat.
  • Christian Aid:   One in three people in Angola faced a demand for a bribe from officials within the last year. Give thanks for our government and police who act for our protection.

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