#digidisciple fight for justice – don’t they? (@vfxhanley)


This weekend I’ve been doing my other job! For those of you who know me you will know that I am a pioneer minister with Venture FX for part of the week and a tutor at Queen’s college for the rest of it.

This weekend has been a weekend for teaching those who are, in the main, Anglican and Methodist ordinands. They are brilliant weekends and the student body (I teach those in the second year) are remarkable people. The weekends are tough, we don’t shy away from the big themes and we don’t try and give glib answers.

This weekend has been about Justice and the church’s fight for justice. We were blessed to led for one session by Chris Chole. Chris is committed to non violent civil disobedience as a way of protesting about the war machine in Britain. You can see some for the work that Chris gets involved in here and here.

Chris has been to prison 6 or 7 times and continues to protest against the war and those who profit from it. It raised a lot of questions in class about the nature of war and the justification of war and was deeply challenging to many.

What challenged me was the fact that I do very little to challenge injustice in my community; and what was more worrying is that my community is both in real space and “virtual” space and, therefore, pretty big!

I know of the stories of the way in which social media was used for the Arab Spring protests and other moments of fracture with the status quo. But apart from a few tweets I sent out about theLondon clean up after the riots – I’m not sure I have been involved in any deliberate act of protest or intentional movement that has brought about radical change and justice in my community.

Chris Chole challenged me this weekend to use my social networking not just to connect and communicate – that is vital! But also to transform the world I live in. To participate in a larger vision yet to come. To be part of the shaping of a world that is more than my own dream but is a product of the divine imagination.

  • So how do you use social media to transform society?
  • What injustice can we fight together as #digidisciples?
  • How can we catch glimpses of a greater vision yet to come?

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