Parable of a man in need

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A man is sitting at home, late at night, feeling very vulnerable. This man is going through a really rough time, the consequences of his mistakes that he’s tried to hide catching up with him.

Bad habits, stress, fear and anxiety, are all coming to the surface and the realisation has come he has to deal with them, and he’s feeling very alone, very exposed and vulnerable.

He desires to speak to friends about it, to meet with friends and talk about it and get their support and prayers. He tells his friends about this, which involves a great amount of courage as he’s never told these friends about these things before.

But he struggles to find anyone available to talk to him.

However, out of the blue, he suddenly starts getting an outpouring of support.

Friends start to come and interact with him. They offer words of support and comfort, passages of scripture and prayers. These people have seen the best of him, and knowing he’s lacking in confidence they offer words of encouragement in his gift. They remind him of his abilities, of what he’s capable of, and give him support.

One person comes in solidarity with his problems, saying that she knows exactly what he is going through, that many people have been in the exact same place. She shares how she has been through the same experiences and dealt with the same problems, and that he can have confidence going through this – that he is not alone.

The man is uplifted by all this support. He begins to understand there are people around him who are with him, in solidarity with him through this valley. Suddenly, he is not alone.

He closes his eyes. As he does so, he begins to feel the tangible presence of God.

He feels uplifted by the support of all his friends, and has a moment of closeness and intimacy with them.

The man feels connected to his friends in a way he has not before now, that their friendship has grown, that there is a depth to their relationships that has not been there before.

He has a picture in his mind of this hand, supported by all these people, lifting him up, that he is being supported and held by others, that he part of a community, that he is not alone.

The man senses an absolute certainty that although things are difficult, that the momentum is with him, and is somehow positive. That he can get through this – not just because God is with him, but also because he has these incredible friends who are there when he needs them. People who will pray for him, lift him up and encourage him.

He knows He will rest more easily this night, because there are these people close to him who will not abandon him, who will support him when he needs. There are those who no matter what, will be on his side and behind every step of his journey.  He knows that tomorrow he will be able to contact his other friends and get their support too.

The weight of support he now feels is irresistible.

He then shuts down the social networking site, turns off his computer and goes to bed.

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