Prizes for #BigRead12, with Tom Wright Books from @SPCKPublishing

We have been working our way through Tom Wright’s Lent for Everyone: Mark, over Lent, and as we have tempted you with hints, pics, and various cagey tweets, etc…, there are a number of books up for grabs for those who partipate in The Big Read 2012. Here’s the back covers from the books up for grabs:

The Books:

Tom Wright: Simply Jesus (2011, SPCK)

Who was – and is – Jesus of Nazareth? This is a simple question that every Christian must ask. A multitude of different voices and centuries of church tradition have made it difficult for us to see Jesus the way his own contemporaries saw him, and to understand him in the way that he wanted to be understood. This book places Jesus firmly within his own context, and shows how startlingly relevant he is to our own day as well.

In this book, renowned New Testament Scholar Tom Wright sets out to answer three simple but vital questions about Jesus: who was he, what did he do and why does it matter? The Jesus we might discovered if we really looked is larger, more radical and more urgent than we ever imagined. And when we recognise Jesus, our next challenge is to follow him in his project of bringing God’s wise, healing rule to bear on his world.

Purchase the text from Amazon. We have 15 copies of this to give away.

Tom Wright: Simply Christian (2006, SPCK)

Simply Christian is essential reading for anyone who wants to consider the real fundamentals of Christianity or is intrigued by its claims about the place of justice, beauty and love in our daily lives.

Written in a lively and accessible style, though rooted in solid scholarship, this book describes the exciting relevance of the Bible and the Christian story for the contemporary world.

It is laid out in three sections. The first opens with the frustrated longings of humanity for justice, spirituality, relationships and beauty: why are things like this, do they have to be so, and can life be lived differently? Tom Wright then sets out the core Christian belief about God and his creation, and discusses the biblical analysis of what’s wrong with the world. He explains God’s plan for its renewal and the central importance of Jesus. In the final section, he explores what it means to follow Jesus, to be energised by the Holy Spirit and to advance God’s plan for the world.

Purchase the text from Amazon. We have 12 copies of this to give away.

Stephen Kuhrt: Tom Wright for Everyone (2011, SPCK)

Tom Wright has achieved global recognition as a biblical theologian through his academic and popular publications. And yes alongside this recognition, there has been a widespread failure within both academia and the Church to engage fully with his thought and grapple with the implications. In Tom Wright for Everyone, Stephen Kurht challenges us to make this engagement. His enlightening summary of Tom Wright’s theology addresses in particular some of the weaknesses within the theology of contemporary evangelicalism, such as:

  • the nature of Christian hope
  • the significance of the resurrection of Jesus
  • the lack of a convincing theological basis for holistic mission
  • treatments of sin, evil and the atonement
  • approaches the Bible and attitudes towards biblical scholarship
  • ambivalence towards ‘the good things of creation’, the sacraments and the church.

The latter part of this volume describes in detail the way in which the author has sought to put Tom Wright’s theology into practice through the ministry and mission of his own parish, Christ Church, New Malden. This synthesis of the intellectual and the practicable will be of much interest to those concerned to see how an integrated biblical theology can shape and resource the Church’s response to the taste and challenges of the twenty-first century. For Church leaders, theological students and Christian social activists, Tom Wright for Everyone will provide essential and fascinating reading.

Purchase the text from Amazon. We have 10 copies of this to give away. 

Tom Wright, Lent for Everyone: Mark (2012, SPCK)

We still have 15 copies of Lent for Everyone: Mark to give away. Unusually for such a Christian book, this hit No 84 in the Amazon overall sales in the UK the week before Lent started, so there’s definitely been plenty of people reading it. I would be keen to see this chunk of books going to a church that could make use of it another year. Holly from SPCK chats to us:

The current sales for Lent for Everyone; Mark, Year B are 10,028, which is a really good number only two months after release. A religious book (that isn’t Love Wins or The Shack) getting that position in the charts is fairly rare; apparently last year Lent for Everyone; Matthew reached a similar point, but it doesn’t often happen to us. The Archbishop’s Lent book usually climbs to such heights, but I think this year at some points we even overtook that, which is great.

How do I participate?

Have you participated (on topic!) in The Big Read 12 Facebook group, tweeted with #bigread12 (nearly 700 have, you’ll know if I’ve picked you up as you’ll have appeared in a Storify – latest one here), written or commented on any of the #BigRead12 blog entries, engaged in the @LayAnglicana online forum – then you’ll already be entered into the prize draw. We are holding entries open until 9th April 2012, so there’s still time to contribute and be “part of the bigger Bible conversation” around Mark’s Gospel for Lent.

We’ve come to the end of Tom Wright’s Lenten trilogy, so we’re currently looking at potential texts/reflectors for Lent 2013, and we’ve got a bit of an idea for advent also… 

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