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My friend and I were sat in eager anticipation for the start of the movie (which one is not of consequence here, but Dame Maggie Smith is getting better and better).  The lights dimmed.  The BBFC certificate scrolled.  Popcorn was munched.

And the adverts started.

There was the usual mixture of trailers for films I may well go and see – and those I most definitely won’t.  The odd car advert thrown in for good measure amongst the dating sites and sticky drinks.

Then, this.

A stunning advert from the people who bring you…the guardian.

There are many things in it that I find fascinating:

  • The way social media now transforms the way we interpret the news
  • The importance given to different voices in the evolution of a story (from the sympathetic ‘burn them’ to the expert in asthma studies)
  • The role of myth and legend – after all, what are the stories that everyone knows today? The three little pigs seems to be a popular one… The Biblical literacy project would possibly conclude that in years gone by, this may well have been a parable or scriptural reference rather than a fairy story
  • How we now frame ‘truth’ through may different subjective lenses – and how not even a newspaper is there for objectivity.

This advert asks us serious questions about the role of truth; and about the way in which we source ‘news.’

In an age where the death of a celebrity is ‘leaked’ on Twitter before the embargo is lifted, and where crowd sourcing of information from the scene becomes a primary piece of evidence – I wonder how the online world is shaping our conception of the world; how we source ‘truth’; and who has editorial control and the best interests of all parties at heart.

In an age of the Levenson enquiry, I also wonder if that were ever the case.

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