The Big Bible Project Round-Up: 1-14 March 2012

Welcome to another newsletter from The Big Bible Project, and as usual we have lots of great content to share with you.

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We are continuing to work through The Big Read 2012, and Bex has been working at ‘Storyfying‘ the conversations occurring around #BigRead12. Have you been keeping an eye out for Daily Posts, and participating in the Daily Challenges? We’ve had weeks 3 and 4 of housegroup materials.  We’d love to know more about the discussion/debate coming out of housegroups, as Bex’s housegroup “Koinonia” have done – see weeks 56, and 7. We have continued to get interesting contributions from our #digidisciples:

  • Friday 2nd: Katie Harrison looked at Mark 2, and the need to not resent others blessings.
  • Saturday 3rd: Pete Phillips used the reading to trigger a discussion of discerning our spiritual giftings, whilst George Morley considered what kind of Messiah we worship, which then determines the kind of disciple that we are.
  • Sunday 4th: Pam Smith gave us a powerful insight into the world of depression, and the importance of being honest with God.
  • Monday 5th: Emma Major demonstrates how the accessible provision of God’s word via #bigread12 has led to increased engagement with her blog readership.
  • Tuesday 6th: See Tom Wright’s video for week 3:expectations.
  • Wednesday 7th: Muriel Sowden engaged with Mark 6, and asked us to pray for servant-hearted leaders.
  • Friday 9th: Lucy Mills considers the second half of Mark 6, asking What is it about Jesus?
  • Saturday 10th: Ernie Feasey looked at Saturday’s reading from John, where Jesus clears the Temple, and compared it to the Occupy movement just moved on from St Paul’s Cathedral.
  • Sunday 11th: Jonathan Blundell looked at Psalm 19, where God has made all things new, and prays that we’ll demonstrate the power of this new life to others.
  • Monday 12th: Bryony Taylor looked at today’s reading to trigger thinking about why we observe particular traditions, and whether holding onto some traditions is ‘making so much noise in the shallow end’ that we never get to swim in the deeper waters of God’s love.
  • Tuesday 13th: Megan Gray used the reading to trigger a reflection upon how the use of an online Facebook group for #bigread12 has caused her to slow down and listen more, rather than the more extroverted self she’d be in a face to face setting. The video for week 4: challenges was posted.
  • Wednesday 14th: Nancy Wallace continued her series of looking at the women of the gospels, considering the Syro-Phoenician woman who begged Jesus to heal her daughter in.

Check also for conversation in the Facebook group, and on Twitter with #bigread12, which we’re collating into Storify: Week 3Week 4.

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The Big Read encourages engagement with the Bible, but a couple of posts that don’t fit under #bigread12: Hels Bels gave us insights into a number of Bible resources online, whilst mentioning #27million. Bex shared a couple of extracts from Antony Billington’s Whole Life: Whole Bible, which she is currently reviewing.


We gained a new #digidisciple, with Jenni Osborne introducing us to herself, and her journey in the digital spaces so far. Simon Sutcliffe asked us to consider what it means to be a #digidisciple, and how we can use this power to change the world. Dave Roberts met up with a couple of #digidisciple(s), and filmed the encounters. Joanne Cox looked at the Guardian advert “The Three Little Pigs” and considered how social media has changed the way we receive and digest the news.

Learning Online


Tony Whittaker gave us ideas of 14 digital ideas to share with your church, encouraging churches to start thinking about how they are going to engage with ‘Internet Evangelism Day’, which is 29th April 2012. Jonathan Blundell shared 10 ways that your church can use Pinterest.

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