The Big Bible Project Round-Up: 15-29 February 2012

Welcome to another newsletter from The Big Bible Project, and as usual we have lots of great content to share with you.


We started The Big Read 2012, and here we allow Tom Wright to explain why we read Mark for Lent. If you’re not sure what Lent is about check out Micha Jazz’s thoughts as to what Lent is about, whilst @40Acts encourage us to be generous over the 40 days of Lent.

Before we started #bigread12, we asked Krish Kandiah why he’d got involved, belatedly asked people to sign on the map, sought bloggers, and celebrated appearing in The Times (hard-copy press matters!), whilst we were also  interviewed by YouVersion.

We launched with a live Q&A with Professor Tom Wright on Shrove Tuesday. This went well, with lots of enthusiastic comments throughout and after, and a huge spike in traffic to the website. Professor Wright indicated that he found it a little strange but enjoyable!

If you’re keeping up with the materials, keep an eye out for Daily Posts, we’ve had weeks 1 and 2 of housegroup materials (but we’d love to know more about the discussion/debate coming out of housegroups, as Bex’s housegroup “Koinonia” have done – see weeks 3 and 4.

We have then asked our #digidisciple(s) if they are prepared to springboard from either the Bible passage or Tom Wright’s materials for their post for that day, and we’re getting some very interesting materials.

Check also for conversation in the Facebook group, and on Twitter with #bigread12, which we’re collating into Storify: Week 1; Week 2.


The Big Read encourages engagement with the Bible, but a couple of posts that don’t fit under #bigread12: Second Life Bible Study with Loozeta and Scripture as Performance


With Lent coming into mind, we had a number of posts about living generously, loving your (digital) neighbor, and the idea of the “Digital Embassy” (rather than only creating ‘sacred spaces’ set apart from others online). The Church Sofa considered whether something is “real” these days until it’s on Facebook.

Bex understands that people may give up social media for Lent, but thinks we need to think through why we might be doing so, as Tear Fund have demonstrated that 3 out of 4 Christians in the UK welcome the opportunity to share their faith online, whilst Megan Gray has got to grips with engaging with her parishioners in a new way, and Bex demonstrated that it’s possible to have a quiet time augmented by technology using the hot new tool online, Pinterest.


We’re keen to encourage knowledge of how to engage in these digital spaces, so we’ve linked to a number of resources this month, including Bex’s updated overview of social media and  Setting up a Twitter account, Setting up a YouTube account, Setting up a Facebook Like Page (although Facebook’s changes last week means that has already changed!), and Transcription on YouTube.

Andrew Salt considered how to Check in at Church, using a range of geo-tagging tools. We highlighted how @StPaulsStAlbans are doing well with their Twitter account, and the phenomenal viral success of #27million, and a blog-project for 29th February.

If you weren’t able to attend the Social Media Week in London (lots of free events, look out for it again in a couple of years time), then a couple of talks were highlighted Social Media & the Teenage Brain and The Battle for Attention. Keep an eye out for #CNMAC12 (likely to be 13th October): note James Robinson calling for a change of name for #cnmac12.

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