The Church of England: Pray One for Me

I’ve just stumbled across this page, supplied by the Church of England, originally created for this Lent (I believe), and now planning on keeping for longer term use.

Post a prayer here. It will be prayed by Christians on your behalf. We believe all prayers are heard and answered, though sometimes not in the way we expect.

I like the idea of it, as you can see who’s praying for you, and pray for others who you may see (I wonder if there’s any moderation in it)t:

Your prayer can be about almost anything. We’ve found that the some of the most frequent topics are family and friends, thanking God, guidance, healing and worldwide problems. When you post you will be offered the chance to tell us what category you prayer falls into and you can add your own tags. But if it’s about something else, that’s fine. Your prayer is unique and it will be treated like that.

Posting Prayers

Looks incredibly straightforward. Simply press “submit my prayer” and fill in the following:

Ensure that prayers are consistent with the guidelines.

Go here to check the prayers, and also there’s a Facebook page – but I can’t find it (wondering what the Facebook page is meant to do)!

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