"Being Real" Online #digidisciple with @boudledidge

On the train back from Leeds yesterday, a Twitter conversation started with @boudledidge, and a few others, about “keeping it real” online, which I’d been speaking about at #NMTrain in Leeds:

One thing I think we should feel challenged about, as Christians who “do” digital media, is keeping it real. I talked about trite Christianese tweets at the beginning of this post because they’re now ubiquitous enough to be parodied, and they’re an example of people “doing” digital media in an attempt to reach out, or be a good witness, or whatever you want to call it, but failing to keep it real. So your church has encouraged people to get involved in social media as a way of sharing their faith and being positive about Christianity? Get involved. But keep it real.

Clearly this is something that we talk about here on Big Bible, as Hannah identifies:

As should be the case, many Christians are taking to the digital sphere more than ever to talk about their beliefs, make new friends, and engage with people in different ways. Why? Why does anyone seek online community with people who share their interests and opinions? We learn from each other and help each other to grow. Then there’s the other side of things: reaching out. Digital evangelism. “Doing church” online. Or even just living out your faith publicly, in an attempt to show others what being a Christian is like. It’s been really interesting to observe and be a part of this – through events like the Christian New Media Conference, or by keeping up with research from CODEC, or reading#DigiDisciple posts over at the BIGBible Project, or reading the work of bloggers like Vicky Beeching, who discusses digital media in many of her posts.

Read the full post, it’s an excellent example of wrestling with a current hot topic in church, and gives great advice for ‘being real’.  If you have some spare time, pop across to this discussion of ‘Christianese’. The one that stood out for me (as a supporter of the ideas of @LICCLtd) is:

What do you think? How “real” is the online community, and how much is that to do with how we interact with it, and how much is it to do with the technology itself?

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