Google+ profile hack (with Photoshop Template) #DigiLit (@jdblundell)

Last year I shared an easy Facebook hack that allowed users to combine the photos on their profile pages into one combined photo.

The hack offered a unique opportunity to grab people’s attention as they visited your profile page, either just for fun or to promote a message or cause.

But while Facebook has since abandoned the layout in favor of Timelines, I’m starting to see the hack appear on Google+ more and more in recent days.

Just like the Facebook hack, it’s a pretty simple process once you figure out the size and order of the photos.

To create your own simply download the Photoshop template (PSD) below and follow these steps:

  • To start with, find a suitable photo that’s at least 685 pixels wide. You’ll ideally want a long panoramic photo as your finished “photo” will essentially be a 685×125 pixel photo.
  • Add the photo as a layer on the Photoshop template. (You’ll probably want to delete or hide the other layers on the template.)
  • For best results be sure you have “Snap to” selected under the “View” menu.
  • Next select a square rectangle around the first “thumbnail”/ box to on the far right of your image. This would be the box where the “S.” is in the image above. Copy it. If you’re using multiple layers (with text or other images) be sure and “Copy Merged”.
  • Create a new file/image and paste this portion of the image to the new file. (For ease, save it as filename-5.) Each of these individual thumbnail photos should be 125×125 pixels in size.
  • Do the same for the second square from the right. (Save this one as as filename-4.)
  • Continue this until you’ve created each of the thumbnail photos. (Saving them with a decreasing number in the filename as you work your way from right to left.)
  • Once you have all your photos saved you can upload them to Google+. This is where it gets a little tricky. You’ll want to upload all the photos to your Scrapbook album. I’m not sure how Google+ organizes the files but after numerous tries, I found for best results, it’s best to empty the Scrapbook album of any other photos except the five you’re using for this hack. You can either delete the photos or move them to another folder using Picaso.
  • Once your files are uploaded you’re set. If you’ve named them correctly, they should appear in the correct order on your Google+ profile.

Download the Photoshop Template – (Zip, 26kb)

There are lots of ways you can put this hack into use – if for nothing else than another unique opportunity to share your story.

You can use it share a specific message, share a favorite photo, share a favorite verse or maybe highlight an upcoming event your community is putting on.

Whatever it is, get creative and have fun with it.

Here are a few examples to help inspire you:

Once you get your profile updated – share a link here and let us see what you’ve come up with. And while you’re at it – circle me on G+ and let’s connect!

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Jonathan Blundell is a husband, father, blogger, podcaster, author and media geek who is hoping to live a simple life and follow The Way. You can find him and links to his numerous projects at or follow him on Twitter: @jdblundell or circle him on G+.