Notebooks and iPads: Tearfund's Digital Day

I’m very blessed in my job to have a boss (@katieharrisontf) who is one of my biggest fans. I throw idea after random idea at her and  each time I’m given the room and the resources to crack on and make it happen. Actually, maybe she’s more of an enabler…

Nine months ago, I approach Katie with the idea to host a ‘digital day’ at Tearfund’s head office. I told her I wanted to encourage Christian bloggers in the UK to keep doing what they are doing, take online conversation temporarily offline and chat about ideas, hone their skills, learn from them how Tearfund should be operating digitally, and show them how much we value their work.

I didn’t even really need to finish my sentence. I already had a green light.

Seeing more and more agility like that is why I love working here.

Last Wednesday, Tearfund hosted a dozen Christian bloggers from all over the country to come and be with us for a day of networking, learning and collaboration. Starting with a briefing and Q&A with Chief Executive Matthew Frost, he shared his vision for Tearfund, what was on his heart right now and how excited he was to be seeing Tearfund become more creatively digital. We had an afternoon of workshops and discussions on advocacy, communication and the future of social media, with some brilliant points from some brilliant minds.

We had live streams all day and had people from Scotland to Tanzania adding to our conversation, asking questions via Twitter, and a Storify stream for people to catch up who weren’t able to make it.

One of the biggest reasons why we did this is because Tearfund wants to learn and grow, to find new ways of engaging with supporters and lifting people out of poverty, because we believe relationships and connections are the way to do that.

We want to foster those relationships with the Christian bloggers and other digital bods because they are the ones who know how to engage in the online world, and be salt and light in those spaces. Through agility and collaboration with online communicators we can spread the message of the Bible and show the world the power of the church to change the lives of the poorest. And that’s a brilliant step to be taking.

So we want to keep this conversation open. Can you help shape Tearfund into the kind of digitally minded organisation we need to be? How can we best resource you to tell your stories and to communicate online?

More digital resources can be found at, or start the conversation on Twitter @tearfund

About Holly Poulter

Holly Poulter works as a Press Officer for Christian international aid agency Tearfund, and runs an wedding and event planning business, 'Pretty, Please Events'. She lives in Surbiton, Surrey with her husband James and bi-polar cat. Big fan of popcorn, coffee and duvets.