Pinterest, God and Girls #Digidisciple (@asaltbde)

Pinterest, a social platform for girls, or an evangelistic network for God?

God Pin using Pin'd Android Application

Has Pinterest got your interest? There is a common misconception that the popular social network Pinterest, is for feminine interests only. Easy to see why, if you just look at which will predominantly show pictures of dresses, food and hair styles. Don’t let this deceive you. There are a number of categories to choose from, that will show pins of interest to all, ranging from  architecture to weddings. If these don’t take your fancy, then you can simply search on a topic, like “God” or “Jesus”. Currently, there isn’t a “faith” category. I googled “Pinterest Church” and got 6,580,000 results. I think that level of interest makes “faith” worthy of a category.

Pinterest Boards shown in Pin'd - An Android Application

Digidisciples like @vahva, @jdblundell and @soonguy have covered this social network pretty well, including ideas on how to use it in church and some churches that are already using it, so I don’t have to cover these. But where do you find time to use yet another social network and can you keep up with them all? The answer for me, is on my phone (or is that mobile computer, given the processing power inside it). Most of my personal, and church social activity is from my phone. With two young children, I rarely get time to sit down at a computer for very long.

Pin'd showing God pins

I looked for an Android app to add to my toolkit. Surprisingly there are very few, and the ones that do exist, are works in progress. Pinterest does have a mobile browser version of the site, but I found this difficult to use (I tried several browsers, and none of them worked very well with Pinterest). Having tried out what is currently available, I have settled on Pin’d. This has all the key basics to make it fully functional. The free version allows re-pins to your boards, likes, and sharing to twitter and facebook. Category selections can also be made, and searches are possible. The paid version allows your own images to be pined from your phone’s gallery. The developer is very responsive. I’m looking forward to seeing this application mature, and using it for projects at St Paul’s. Projects I’m thinking of, include boards of the church interior and architecture, the pet service, our staff, local events and people and places.

You can find me on Pinterest at

I would love to hear your experiences of using Pinterest for church projects.

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Andy is the Social Media Officer for @StPaulsCamb in Camberley, Surrey and the @StMikesOpen4All project (#CNMAC12 runner-up for most creative use of social media). He built up a presence on various social networks for St Paul's, and learned an awful lot, from some really nice people, along the way. He loves Android, and uses a stack of apps to help him carry out his role at St Paul's. Oh, and did I mention attending @DigitalSurrey :)