The #BigRead12 Report by @drbexl

Here at The Big Bible Project we’re keen to get people talking about the Bible, whether that’s online (where we try to encourage people to experiment, and think about what the digital age means for us as disciples) or offline (where we love to encourage people to join housegroups). The Big Bible Project arose from The Big Read 2010, and we’ve just come to the end of The Big Read 2012. We’d love to thank everyone for their participation, and here come some numbers and comments!

Blog Visitors

  • Over the course of The Big Read 2012, we had nearly 19,000 visitors to the blog, with nearly 467,000 pageviews.
  • The average visit to the blog lasted 3mins38 seconds.
  • Around half of those visiting the site over that time were returning visitors. It’s always encouraging to know that people are coming back for more, but also that we’re attracting new visitors.
  • Around 1500 visited enough times to have looked at nearly every post over the time of #BigRead12.
  • Over 10,000 of the visitors were from the UK, over 4000 from the USA.
  • The other top 20 locations were Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Italy, India, Unknown, Phillipines, Germany, Netherlands, Russia, South Africa, Japan, Mexico, Singapore, France, Lebanon, Sweden.
  • Visitors to the site came from a further 103 locations!
  • The majority of visitors accessing the site were unsurprisingly using English, although the number using US-English was four tims that of GB English! Another 73 languages accessed the site, the Italians seemed to spend the longest on the site…
  • The big 4 browsers used were IE, Safari, Chrome, and Firefox is roughly equal measures.
  • Over 3000 users accessed the site via mobile devices, spending an average of 2mins17 on the site (a good sign that it’s usable), over 1000 each via iPhone/iPad, 100 via iPod touch, and the remainder on a range of Android, Sony, Samsung, HTC, Ericsson, etc. devices.


The videos were viewed or downloaded around 10,000 times from a combination of YouTube, Vimeo, and downloading from 12Baskets, with no single video having less than 400 views, and the welcome video was viewed at least 2500 times.

The Launch Webinar

We launched The Big Read 2012 with a chance for a live chat with Tom Wright via a webinar. We had so much positive feedback from this, that we’re considering ways in which we could have a webinar every week for future Big Reads. Around 30 joined in the live webinar (an evening slot would clearly have got more), and an exceptional spike in traffic for the week afterwards!

Daily Readers

We earlier had confirmed book sales from SPCK of over 10,000 (which apparently is high!), and a position of number 84 in the book charts. 12Baskets had a steady readership of around 150 for the book materials, and they were also accessed by readers on the Lay Anglicana forum.  As well as the housegroup materials available on the website, 12Baskets also offered housegroup materials for easy download, and around 100 did this for each week’s materials.


We felt that we had to make it easily for people to access the material, rather than putting obstacles in place which may make it easier for us to measure! This year, however, Lay Anglicana set up an online housegroup in a forum, with over 400 entries. As last year Bex’s housegroup posted an overview of discussions (which we undertaken early to check that they worked), and a handful of other bloggers did this from their groups. We’d love to see more of this.

Social Media

With the housegroup material available much earlier this year, we had an opportunity to concentrate a little more on the social media, including the preparation of daily challenges.  We linked each week of the housegroup materials via Pinterest, which had nearly 150 followers, and a handful of repins.

Topsy indicated that we have over 450 tweets using the hashtag #BigRead12 over the course of Lent, although also received some responses to the daily challenges that were not tagged. The Big Bible Project Facebook page had a steady increase in numbers from under 200 to nearly 350.

The Big Read 2012 Facebook Group had around 250 members, lots of lurkers but a slow/steady stream of conversation (which seemed impossible to embed in Storify), but we’ve already had some positive feedback and constructive suggestions, although we’re awaiting more feedback from the survey. At one point we went over 400, but they appeared mostly to be Christian spammers, so thank you to Laura who removed them all.

We sought to keep track of tweets, mentions, blog posts on other people’s sites via Storify, and we definitely noticed that we got more hits when we were able to notify people that they’d been picked up, but the software didn’t always work! We gained around 500 views in total for the range of Storify entries.

Blog comments difficult to determine without counting individually, but the site went over 1000 comments a couple of weeks ago, and has had a further 100 since then. It’s always interesting to see how people respond to other people’s reflections.

On eBuzzing we are currently No 9 in the UK for sites on Religion and Belief.

I want to give a HUGE thank you to all of you who participated, and I’ll be sorting out participation prizes soon! A particular thanks to those #digidisciple(s) who ensured that we had a reflective post related to Tom Wright’s materials nearly every day of the 50 days of The Big Read!

What have I forgotten?! What further feedback would you give us?  


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