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29 April is Internet Evangelism Day
Share the opportunities with your church. Here are 14 ideas to presentin your meetings on or near that day.Please share this widely using these ready-made one-click links on Facebook and Twitter.

The Easter Story grabs the world’s attention once again. Or at least, as much of the world as is able to listen. The Story that, if historically true, is the ultimate deal breaker that changes everything.

It is also echoed in every other story with a redemptive theme. In Voyage of the Dawn Treader, Lucy reads a story in the book she finds on the Dufflepuds’ island and says, “That is the loveliest story I’ve ever read or ever shall read in my whole life. Oh, I wish I could have gone on reading it for ten years. At least I’ll read it over again.” But she couldn’t turn back the pages or remember, “… and ever since that day what Lucy means by a good story is a story that reminds her of the forgotten story in the Magician’s Book.”
Such ‘Echoes of eternity’ in other books and films are a great way to point people to The Story.

storytellingOur digital communication culture is, among other things, story-based. There is a growing realisation that story is everything. Our own lives, our history and culture are all narratives that make us what we are. Effective communication is to present other stories that overlap and engage with our story, that maybe awaken dreams, and that we can take possession of. Truth is best understood and remembered when embedded in story. More posts on storytelling.

Leighton Ford has observed, “It’s been said that next to food and drink, our most basic human hunger is for storytelling.”

Storytelling is one of four key elements to 21st century evangelism. The others are digital, social, and mobile. Read more.

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