The Widow’s Mite #BigRead12 (@revpamsmith)

Mark 12: 18-44

This is a complicated passage with different sections.

Although the emphasis was meant to be on the first section, the bit that drew me was the story of the widow right at the end. A widow gives a very small amount. But Jesus points out to his disciples this is all she has to live on.

It’s interesting that we don’t know, from the passage, what happened to the widow next.

Did she have relatives who would take care of her needs? Did she have a source of income which would put more money into her purse?

Or did she render herself completely destitute by this action?

When I was confirmed, the Bishop pointed out how privileged we were to be able to gather for worship in the Cathedral and then disperse with no secret police taking note of our activities. He asked, if you lived in a country where Christianity was illegal, and Christians were persecuted, would you be here getting confirmed tonight?

This story raises a similar question for me.

The widow sets a standard which was hard to live up to then, and maybe even harder to live up to now.

Would I give everything I have to support God’s ministry, and trust God to look after me?

Editor’s note: Due to confusion at my end, I sent the wrong reading, so this didn’t get published on time, but I wanted to make the most of it within the timescale of #BigRead12, and Tom Wright is picking out bits & pieces he likes, so here’s one from us!

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