Vicars take lessons in tweeting and texting #NMCE

Christian organisation teaches new media communications to keep the clergy in touch with congregations

A free training programme, designed to up-date vicars on new media communications, was launched this week by the UK’s largest Christian media organisation in a bid to improve communications between the clergy and their congregations.

Working with CODEC (University of Durham), Premier Christian Media, which owns Britain’s largest Christian broadcaster Premier Christian Radio, together with ‘Christianity’ and ‘Youthwork’ magazines, opened its New Media Centre of Excellence [NMCE] to spearhead the initiative which will be launched in Leeds towards the end of the month.

Hope City Church will play host to the first training day on April 28th when experts including NMCE’s director Kevin Bennett will be teaching the cyber skills of evangelising on line and virtual relationships, with special emphasis on tweeting and Facebook communications.

The NMCE then plans to roll out the programme across the UK through its website which will connect churches and other organisations and host resources on social networking, web design and e-marketing as a method of fund-raising.

Kevin Bennett said today

“Our ‘Reaching Out in a Digital Age’ programme is designed to assist churches with 21st century communications, ensuring that their message is heard throughout the congregation.

Chris Denham, Pastor of Hope City Church in Leeds, explained;

It’s no longer about just what happens on Sunday. Congregations are talking and buzzing all week, sharing photos and stories of their weekend. Ministers now have the opportunity to be more in touch with the people who attend their churches, and vice versa.

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