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For 2011 you may have been involved in the national collaboration known as Biblefresh. A report has just been published seeking to understand how successful the event was, and what can be learnt from it in the long run. See some of the comments from the report (and the infographic (PDF)):

“we…believe in collaboration and so saw this as an opportunity where together we might have a far greater impact than each ‘doing our own thing’.” (#143)

“We have had a short ‘Biblefresh Slot’ at the beginning of every service, highlighting different aspects, especially Bible Translation.” (#35)

“We learned a Bible verse each month and had small business cards with the verses printed on.” (#121)

There was success in helping people go deep as well as broad and, in particular, in seeing the relevance of the Bible, effecting “deep engagement with Scripture, [and] helping us to explore pressing contemporary challenges.”

“For me the success of Biblefresh has been the e-contact with others when we are not geographically situated in the mainstream.” (#52)

Transfer of Content

This morning the following email is going out to those who are on Biblefresh’s current email list, so we welcome you if you’ve come to join us at Big Bible. Please do comment below what you’d like to see.

The report showed that many people found the Biblefresh website particularly helpful. However, within the next few days it will be going offline. But there’s good news! Much of this valuable content is now available on The Big Bible Project’s website.

Also, if you miss receiving the monthly Biblefresh newsletter, sign up to receive The Big Bible Project’s fortnightly newsletter. This will enable you to stay in the know about Bible resources and events.

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