Thinking about #MediaLit12?

Are you thinking about coming to #MediaLit12. Here’s the likely programme:

Staff are:

  • AD Anna Drew, Methodist Media Officer
  • AG Andrew Graystone, former BBC producer, Director of Churches Media Network
  • BL Bex Lewis, Lecturer & Technology Enhanced Learning Fellow, University of Winchester; Blended Learning Project Manager, CODEC, University of Durham
  • CS Carl Stiansen, Media Relations Officer, Durham University
  • KB Kate Bruce, Chaplain, St John’s College; Fellow in Preaching and Communication
  • LK Leighton Kitson, Media Relations Officer, Durham University
  • PMP Pete Phillips, Director of Research, CBLC, CODEC, St John’s College, Durham
  • RW Rich Wyld, researcher with CODEC
  • TH Tim Hutchings, researcher with CODEC
  • VB Vicki Beeching, researcher with CODEC

Check the CODEC site for the latest information.

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