A Tale of 2 Churches (@partakers_dave)


On my recent visit to Australia, I had contact with 2 churches in the town where I was raised – on the east coast, about 100 miles north of Brisbane in Queensland.

Church 1

It was a Friday afternoon. I didn’t have a car to use for the weekend and where I was staying is not within walking distance of a church. I knew this church, primarily because of it has a website and a Facebook page. I duly contacted them late Friday afternoon, asking if there was anybody who could give me a lift to church on the Sunday morning and left a mobile number they could contact me on.

About 2 hours later, the church leader contacted me and said he had arranged a couple to collect me and had passed my number onto them. Later that evening, the couple duly phoned me and we arranged a pickup. It was all very welcoming and started out using a social networking page on Facebook. The church leader led the service from his Tablet and used the Tablet for his sermon notes. They are starting to embrace Digital Technology for the work of the church.

Church 2.

I know this church because I used to attend there back in the 80s. It did have a website and a blog, but that closed down in the last couple of months. I had only a phone number to contact them. I phoned the church office to see if somebody could give me a lift to church. I was amazed at how abrupt and curt the answering machine message was. I didn’t leave a message. As it transpired, I was able to have a car for the weekend and duly attended on the Sunday. There was no hint of digital technology in the church service, except for the Powerpoint slides putting the song words on to the screen. I asked the church leader about the disappearing website and he replied that nobody wanted to update it.

Next steps?

After my return, a friend of my in this town contacted me and asked if I knew a church there, that she could attend and be involved with. Guess which church I recommended to her and why? How is your church or Christian group using digital technology and social networking to encourage new people to attend?

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