Blog-Post Round-Up June 1 – 14 2012

Our #digidisciple(s) have continued to provide excellent content, and below, we’ll attempt to summarise by theme.

Bible - Press Enter#BigBible

Emma Major told us about the #365gospelproject, where blogging about the Bible, using the lectionary cycle has forced new ways of reading and engagement. Do books, including the Bible, build barriers or bridges between readers?

Nancy Wallace continued her series on Women in the Gospels in looking at Jairus’ unnamed daughter. Bex provided a guest post for Bible Reflexions on ‘the importance of rest‘.


The Big Read finished on 14th April, but we hope that it has a lasting legacy. A report written by Bex remains online, and we’re starting to think about #BigRead13. We’re still pulling together prize winners for all those who blogged, tweeted, commented on #bigread12, but we pray that the real value was in participation.


The guidelines for #Digidisciple(s) have been updated, building upon questions that are regularly asked. We would like to know what you would like our #digidisciples to write about – it can be difficult to keep thinking of topics every month … and we’d like to answer questions that you have!

Father Kevin offered a real insight into the Trinity, and questioned how we could make sense of this through the digital spaces. George Morley wrote her last #digidisiciple blog, but we’re looking forward to her continued engagement as a #digidisciple – as a commenter, and continuing conversations in other digital spaces. David Cloake considered what it means to be a #digidisciple (in the widest sence), and how new technology has changed what is possible, something that Megan Gray looked at, questioning whether as Christians we need to put forward a ‘higher standard’ in our digital content. Ernie Feasey considered what it means to be turned down for ordination, but recommended for lay ministry, a topic he will continue to develop, considering how social media impacts upon dealing with this process. Nick Morgan gave an insight into waiting, praying, and not necessarily hearing anything.

A real eye-opener from Dave Roberts as to the welcome that is possible in churches (and absent in many), and how websites can contribute to that. Jo Cox looked back over the Jubilee weekend, and questioned what projections we give to the world. Tony Whittaker calls for a more contextualised plan for digital outreach, within specific interest groups and cultures. If you’ve never listened to Something Beautiful Podcast, Jonathan Blundell gave us an insight into one of the stories, and the importance of learning work-life balance, something that’s particularly important for us to realise in the digital age.  Anders Orsander raised important questions about how mobile use is changing our engagement with the Bible, sermons, and life in general.

Laura Sykes gave us an insight into the game Empire Avenue, and questioned why and how Christians might want to engage with it. We picked up on 6-year-old Joel Saunders, and his efforts to raise £60 by running 2 miles, which has so far raised over £5500 for Tear Fund. Bryony Taylor considered how we could use the image in our Facebook Timelines to mark the seasons in the liturgical calendar.

Bex is currently reading @StickyJesus for the Journal of Religion, Media and Digital Culture.

Learning Online


The Huffington Post offered questions about appropriate engagement online, which is the question that #digidisciple(s) engage with here. Nick Morgan built upon advice provided by @vahva, in considering what had brought extra traffic to his blog, and the next steps to take after that.

Holly Poulter questioned how churches could use crowdfunding sites to allow people to feel a part of something. Pete Phillips gave us some of his highlights of Thinking Digital 2012, where the CODEC team had certainly felt a part of something, and Muriel Sowden picked up on one of the speakers who had identified ways for technology to include the socially excluded! Bex’s review of Tweet if You Heart Jesus was published in the Journal of Religion, Media and Digital Culture.

You still have an opportunity to sign up for your FREE place in Manchester or Newcastle on ‘Reaching out in a Digital Age’! The event is run by Premier Christian Media in partnership with CODEC, and is designed for those in church leadership, or desiring to get their church online, so please do encourage your church leaders to come along and find out how to engage with this important mission field.

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