Facebook, Netiquette & The Bible with @HuffPost

An interesting post from the Huffington post re “Facebook, Netiquette and the Bible”

As we navigate the age of social media, it has become necessary to develop some guiding questions for faithful networking. Among the questions we might ask are the following: How can Facebook be used for healthy interaction, but not overused as a substitute for actual (as opposed to virtual) community? How can social networking be harnessed for lively interchange that stops short of malicious gossip? How can people of faith create an online environment for engaging the central questions of their tradition, as opposed to watching the latest voyeuristic video on YouTube? With all of these questions, the message of the Bible on taming our tongues is a useful guide.

As we engage Facebook, Twitter and other avenues for online interaction, the ancient sages and prophets in the Bible can be a voice in our ears, encouraging us to seek community and tame our tongues, to gather our thoughts before we type, to think even more carefully before we post, and to be thoughtful, constructive participants in a world that has been forever changed.

Read full post, and think, what advice would you, as a Digidisciple, give?

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