Kids Can Change the World (via @martinsaunders)

I was tucked up in bed, winding down. The phone was off, but I saw my iPad screen light up, so I decided to check, and there was a message from @martinsaunders. I’d seen a post from @pmphillips earlier in the evening about Martin’s son Joel – so inspiring (and having just watched The Time Traveller’s Wife looking for a bit of good news!). See what Martin’s son has been up to:

Very inspiring, and as @revpamsmith indicated – echoes of ‘The Widow’s Mite’ – as we give, others add to what we can give – and then we can really make a difference! We all need a little oxygen, as provided by @martinsaunders – but it’s the story at the heart of it that makes the difference!

I think Martin is settling in for a long, exciting night on Twitter (and I’ve loved the opportunity to chat to others about what’s inspiring about this, and hear other’s stories), and looking forward to speaking to his son in the morning – who wanted to raise £60 for @tearfund, is at over £600 – and has raised £100+ in the last 45 minutes alone ..

And this is really the most amazing thing about it – and I hope will inspire others!

If Joel’s not feeling overwhelmed – when he wakes up in the morning to see how much he’s raised (and I think they’ll be calls for Dad to run with him :-)) … we’d love to hear more from him!! I felt inspired to get back out of bed & blog about this, in the now! We need more Joel’s, and do share about this campaign!!

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