The #365gospelproject (@emmuk74)

When you start exploring vocations in the Church of England you are asked to start reading the Bible daily and it is suggested that following the lectionary readings every day might help.  I started this process four years ago and through that time have been all the way through the Bible on the 3 year lectionary cycle; it has been eye opening to say the least and has forced me to read the Bible differently and much more thoroughly than I otherwise would have done.

As the three year lectionary cycle started again I began working with a fantastic group of new Christians who were looking for support in their lives and their faith journey.  They wanted to become more familiar with the Bible and I suggested they read a passage from the gospels each day.  Long story short, they persuaded me to lead them through this process and so I agreed to blog the gospel reading from the lectionary and my reflections on it every day for a year.

#365gospelproject was born.

Over the last six months I have daily posted on my blog the gospel passage, my reflections on it and a short prayer.  It takes me five minutes to write and it’s designed to take five -ten minutes to join in with.

  • It’s a simple thing for me to do and it enriches my faith daily.
  • It’s a simple thing to be read and is enjoyed by over one hundred people every day.
  • It’s a simple thing but it is life changing.
  • It’s open for everyone, jump right in.

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