The Power of Technology #Tony (@drbexl) #DigiLit

Small actions can have a big reaction. On Wednesday @TonyNicklinson sent his first ever tweet, using his eye movements to create the letters:

Tony Nicklinson, who seven years ago had a major stroke that left his body completely paralysed, used special eye movement technology to access the social networking site. He is also approaching the high court to allow him to lawfully end his life.

Nicklinson, 57, can only communicate by using a computer that follows his eye movements. Software converts his eye movement into the letters of the alphabet and in turn into words and speech. (Guardian)

You can watch the video of him writing his first tweet here.

A number of bloggers, including @richardlittleda have wondered what it means for him to have gained so many followers so quickly (over 5000 just before midnight Thursday), but the thought that has come to my mind, is wondering whether Tony, who wants to die because he feels that his life is ‘undignified’, will feel that Twitter (or other) gives him a “voice” back, and therefore makes him feel a part of community? Will he feel like his life has a different purpose, or will Twitter just allow him to maximise the exposure to the message he already has?

Have you found a ‘voice’ online, that you find difficult to get across in other situations?

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