Blog-Post Round-Up June 15-30 2012

Welcome back to the fortnightly round-up of what’s new and exciting on The Big Bible Project website.

Our #digidisciple(s) have continued to provide excellent content, and below, we’ll attempt to summarise by theme.


The Big Bible Project is pleased to announce that Dr Bex Lewis, who has created and developed the project on a distance/half-time (0.5 FTE) basis over the past two years, has been appointed as Research Fellow in Social Media and Online Learning (80% FTE), based in Durham, from September 2012 to August 2015, thanks to generous funding from The Jerusalem Trust. Look out for more information on the blog in due course.

Explaining why this newsletter is a couple of days late, Bex says: “A huge appreciative thank you for prayers from a number of the Big Bible community this weekend, as I made the decision to move on from the University of Winchester, where I currently have a permanent role and had just been awarded a promotion to Senior Fellow in Technology Enhanced Learning & Teaching.”

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Healthy living appeared to be the core theme this fortnight. Paul Blakey considered whether life’s rules often get in the way of listening what God has to say, something that Micha Jazz echoed in his call to ensure that we’re “Kingdom Fit“, and Sally Coleman in a consideration of life’s busyness. Dot Gosling drew attention to the need to be whole and well in order to do what God has planned for us, whilst Darren Hill wondered whether the division of the Bible into verse and chapter sometimes means that we lose the whole picture. What about if reduce some parts of the Bible – the 10 Commandments – to text?


We’ve started conversations about #BigRead12 for Advent, looking at daily online materials around the theme of ‘Waiting’, and are in discussions with SPCK about the text for Lent (#BigRead13), at present Rowan Williams “The Lion’s World” is on the table.


We noted that #FollowJesus was trending, and largely appeared to be positive, and had a look at the Facebook Game ‘Journey of Jesus‘, whilst checking in with the real life journey of #RovingRev, and looking back on Kate Bruce’s adventures in the digital world over the past year. Thomas Mathie – who has adopted a nomadic digital culture – considered how we should be in, but not of, the (technological) culture, whilst others highlight how we can engage with the culture around us, and use social media to develop unity. Ali Gledhill encourages us to think about what we post, and why, before posting, echoed by Pam Webster who asks us to think “so what?” before posting. The Church Sofa asked us to think about who our neighbours are, and whether our churches have considered our online neighbours, and what we say to them. Robb Sutherland questioned whether we as Christians have lost what makes us distinctive – which certainly generated lots of comment!
We encourage #digidisciple(s) to update their biography, and add an image.
Event: The Digital Society Conference (we didn’t go!)

Learning Online


We picked up on Tony Nicklinson, a locked-in syndrome patient, and his first tweet. We referred you to a place where your church website can get its cookie compliance checked, and highlighted the interest in Premier’s SafetyNet campaign – which has given impetus to 3 major service providers asking people to opt-in for adult content, rather than offering by default. We gave you insights into #MediaLit12, after which we questioned what a digital sabbath would look like (comments please!).

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