Did you watch the Olympic #openingceremony


Did you stay up to watch the whole of the Olympic ceremony? I tried, but fell asleep as the USA entered. However, as is great in this modern age, it doesn’t matter, as I now have it on on iPlayer… although I had quite a good idea of what had gone on, as I looked at Twitter soon after I got up (where #olympicceremony is still ‘trending’).. especially all the complaints about Paul McCartney! It’s a bit like reading the end of a book before you are halfway through!

There’s plenty of opinion online, with this piece from the New Yorker getting quite a lot of attention:

Boyle had his audience at the first note, but he deepened the effect with precision-targeted imagery: geese, ploughs, maypoles, set amid a fantasy village green. As a set piece, the scene bespoke both the destiny of a Christian elect and a pagan air of festival. This was a classy way to kick things off—elegiac, but rejoicing.

There were plenty of comparisons to The Hunger Games, but what did you think? Was it a positive representation of Britain? Was it too British? As many said on Twitter, as the hymns continued to flow, did it show a Christian heritage for the nation? What online entries summed up the evening well for you?

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