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What do you write when….

This month’s post has come about with help from my friends. A couple of days ago I was panicking as I had no clue what to write, and wrote as much to my blog. One dear friend wrote an encouragement, and another wrote some very helpful advice, asking me to think about what inspired me. On Friday my friend Bryony helped me decorate my flat in Olympics-associated garb and promised to “synrcho-tweet” through the opening ceremony, as we’d both be watching it on our own.

I settled down long before the start, with one eye on my TV and the other on my laptop. Soon lots of people were tweeting about every aspect of the opening ceremony, a running commentary which complemented the television coverage. I had more of an eye on Twitter than Facebook, but my accounts are linked, so whatever I tweeted was simultaneously posted to Facebook, enabling me to have more than one conversation, and to have people to laugh with or discuss what was happening on screen. This helped me feel like I was was watching the ceremony with friends… and helped me stay awake! Vicky Beeching has written of a similar “second screen” experience here. I was also interested in the way Danny Boyle used social media in the Opening Ceremony, in illustrating how technology has advanced in the last few decades. Part of the theatrics of the opening ceremony followed a girl who was constantly updating her Facebook status, eventually inviting everyone to a party… which we saw on screen. I really had to concentrate to follow how quickly the screen was being updated, but was very impressed with the way this was used, illustrating perfectly how social media has become so much a part of a lot of people’s lives today.

Inspirational Faith

I had been trying to find a strong Christian example online, thinking that, rather than my friends, might be the inspiration for my post. However, I was struggling, as I’m not as accomplished as some others at using search engines. I had seen a wonderful interview with Debbie Flood on Songs of Praise, last Sunday, which has stayed with me all week. She was so strong, and clear in the way she expressed her faith, visibly demonstrating that Jesus is her all in all. I’d been tweeting Bex during the week asking for help when I didn’t know what to write. Bex came to the rescue again (via Twitter!) helping me find an article in the online edition of the Telegraph which featured Debbie Flood. Even here, her faith shines out. She is quoted as saying, “I have found something that I’m really good at, and God has put me here as a witness for Him”. What an example! The article’s “Random Fact” about Debbie Flood mentions the depth of her faith. Perhaps they see it as somewhat unusual these days. Have been trying to find her on Twitter to no avail, but have resolved to pray for her and others like her, specially during the Olympics.

More than Gold

There’s just one more thing I’d like to mention. There is a non-denominational Christian Organisation called “More than Gold” who are encouraging Christians to use their faith to witness to others in specific ways during the Olympics. They are active across social media and Christian radio and also have a website.

I would like to encourage people to follow the likes of London 2012 and Team GB during the games, as it really does add to the viewing experience and provides up to the minute information. Perhaps you completely disagree with me and aren’t interested in all the hype? What do you think about following the likes of Twitter and the TV at the same time? I’d love to hear from you in the comments section below.


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