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CODEC/LST Speaker Series

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We’re pleased to announce that we are currently planning a speaker series, in a blended format, with London School of Theology for 2012, to be held on the first Saturday morning of each month, starting October 6th 2012. LST have been running a physical event for Biblefresh for the past year, and there is enthusiasm for this to continue, in a more experimental format. Speakers will be be physically based alternately at CODEC and LST, with material being live streamed to the alternate venue. We hope that you will join us online, and this will provide rich material for conversation in the weeks following each event.
More information to come as the events are developed. 

31 Days to a Better Blog (@ProBlogger)

31 Days to Build a Better BlogDarren Rowse is an Australian pastor turned blogger, who makes a living from blogging, and from guiding others as to how to blog. Anna Blanch (@goannatree) has used @problogger’s advice to improve her blogs, and consequently the traffic to, and engagement on, her blogs. The Big Bible Project plans to work through “31 Days to a Better Blog“, starting October 22nd, after #CNMAC12. We’ll be encouraging #digidisciple(s) to join with us, and we’d like to invite you to join with us too, as we seek to make our content relevant, interesting, helpful and conversational.

More information to come as we firm up our plans

F2F Meetups

They gathered togetherWould you believe that #digidisciple has now been going for over a year? It’s always been one of Bex’s plans to encourage #digidisciple’s to “converse” with each other not only via blog posts, but in meeting face-to-face, from which #digidisciple posts and themes could emerge (it can be hard thinking of blog posts on your own!). Once she has moved up to Durham in September, she plans to arrange ‘tweetups’ – she knows she’ll be in Durham, Manchester, London and Winchester over the next year – I look forward to meeting up with some of you there!

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The #BigBible Project. Educating in the digital spaces, creating 'bigger Bible conversations' between #digidisciple(s). Look out for #bigread14.