Not the Third Sector but the First Sector? (@paulblakey)

The other week my wife and myself, along with the leaders of Stockton Town Pastors, had the honour of attending 10 Downing Street to collect our Big Society Award from the Prime Minister.
In what will be an unforgettable day we met with other Award winners, MP’s, people from the Big Society team and David Cameron. It was great to be able to share what Christians are achieving within communities across the nation within the night-time culture. It was fantastic to talk about reduced violent crime and sexual assaults and stories of those people who invest hope, love and God into our village, town and city centres.
Our Christian faith works! As David Cameron noted in his speech, the Third Sector (which includes the church and many Christian organisations) leads the way on innovative approaches to social problems. We led the way on healthcare, education, social welfare and still lead the way today in tackling issues at the heart of the community. Really we are not the Third Sector behind the Public and Private Sectors but the First Sector!
I believe the church needs to be at the heart of community transformation. Not coming along as the one with all the answers, but partnering, praying, supporting, volunteering and working with others to make the difference that counts.
‘God’s Kingdom come, God’s will be done, on earth as in heaven’ should be our mandate and our calling – seeking God’s rule and love to be demonstrated as reality.
Go for it – be the Big Society in action, be the difference that counts, be the one that shows a community in need that God’s Kingdom is a reality…

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