Blog-Post Round-Up August 1-14 2012

Welcome back to the fortnightly round-up of what’s new and exciting on The Big Bible Project website.

To note that Bex is on holiday til the 22nd, but we can be found at Greenbelt, sharing a stand with 12Baskets and The Methodist Church: Come and ‘Pin a bit of Paradise’ on our stand. Don’t forget to book your #CNMAC12 ticket also. 

Our #digidisciple(s) have continued to provide excellent content, and below, we’ll attempt to summarise by theme.

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Ian Black used the new Disney film ‘Brave’ to pull out whether we are prepared to pay the price for freedom. Laura Sykes took up the challenge to ‘do theology’, looking at our perceptions of God, and whether they have changed. Rector Chick wrote a brilliant piece challenging the idea that as Christians we have to have it all sorted. Nancy Wallace continues her excellent series on ‘Women of the Bible’ in looking at Herodias and Salome (not great role models!)


Repeat of last fortnight’s content: 
We are starting discussions for #BigRead12 Advent, where we’ll be looking for 25 daily entries (preferably a mix of text, image, video, poetry) on the theme of ‘Waiting’. Advent is a time of waiting for God’s arrival, for his promise to us on earth. What does ‘waiting’ look like for us, as we wait with hunger, for a job, in line (always the wrong one?), and for the special time of Christmas. What do you associate with ‘waiting’ and might you be keen to contribute?

We have confirmed with SPCK that for #BigRead13 Lent we will be using Rowan Williams book The Lion’s World. There will be some similiaries with #BigRead11 and #BigRead12, in that weekly housegroup materials will be provided free-of-charge, Rowan Williams will provide video content, and we will encourage conversation online, asking for . Unlike Tom Wright’s books, however, this has not been written as a Lent reflection, but has strong themes that will be drawn out in materials for four housegroups, through blog posts throughout the week, and also materials for Holy Week.


Want to know how you “should” be engaging on Twitter – Pam Smith gives us the 10 Commandments of Twitter. The hot topic all over the web is ’50 Shades of Grey’. Holly Poulter used that as a starting point to consider the ‘Kindle Effect’ and whether we should read the Bible and ‘faith books’ on our Kindles. Another hot topic in the press recently has been the Chick-a-Fil-A issue – Jonathan Blundell looked to see what lessons we can learn from this story. James Prescott reflected upon a time of ‘digital silence‘, and questioned if we’re capable of undertaking this, whilst David Cloake celebrated the extra layer of connectedness that the digital space offers us, picked up by Nick Morgan as looks at how to use social media in your local community. The Aletheophile wondered about how we engage others with our first impressions, whilst Anders Orsander emphasised that if we don’t take care of our online presence, others will do it for us. Emma Major encouraged us to go for our own personal golds, rather than trying to compete in ‘faith Olympics’, something Dave Roberts echoes in his call to support each other in our online endeavours. The Olympics was back with Ernie Feasey, asking if the Olympics offered somewhat of a religious experience.
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The Olympic theme continued as Tony Whittaker looked at where we can get good images from, legitimately, to use in our communications. Simon Sutcliffe gave us an overview of the Swanbank app, designed to help emerging communities coalesce – emphasised by the infographic asking ‘who is my neighbour‘ in the digital age?. We pulled in an infographic from the States, circulated by Mashable, indicating the use of social media by churches.

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