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Just last week I was at a family reunion. We meet every two years, come from all over the country and spend two days together. It is a pretty big gathering with anywhere from 80-100 people in attendance. After seven years of marriage I still have to help my husband out with all of the names and how everyone is related. Not because he is forgetful or doesn’t care, but because it is just that complicated. Even I have trouble with all the little ones who have grown up so much in two years that they look different.

We love our family reunions! It seems in the past it has really been a time for us to catch up with each other. To see how life is going and reconnect. But this year things were a little different. More of us are friends in the digital world than ever before. I am friends with many of my third and fourth cousins on Facebook. I follow them on Twitter. I know what is going on in their day to day life.

So how did that change the dynamic of the reunion? I spent more time having deeper conversations with people than I ever have before. We didn’t have to catch up. Instead we could spend time talking with one another about more than the surface issues. We did more than reconnect. We connected.

You may not think there is much of a difference between reconnecting and connecting, but I beg to differ. To reconnect is to place yourselves into an old connection. And while that is not a bad thing there isn’t a new closeness that is being formed. But when you connect, you are building on something. You are growing in your relationship with one another.

This is how things can be in our relationship with God. When we only check in with God every now and then we are constantly having to reconnect. Reconnecting takes time and while it is not wasted time, if we are constantly having to reconnect than it takes even more time to get to an intimate place with God. God wants to have an intimate relationship with us, but that takes constant connection. Not just checking in every two years like we might do at a family reunion.

How can we keep God updated throughout our days? How can we give God our status updates, our 140 characters, our blog posts so that we can connect in deeper and more intimate ways with God ? How can we make the time to really connect with our Creator not just reconnect?

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