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We can get very caught up in what happens in church, but we actually spend a small percentage of our week in church.  Worshipping God is important, but what church should do, is equip us to live the rest of the week on our ‘front line’, to live out our faith in the places we live, work and play.  As the blurb says, “What is God wanting to do in the places where we are day by day?”

This is the premise of Life on The Front Line.

We used this in two different groups in our church.

The dvd comes in six sessions, each presenting a challenge about how each of us can bring our faith in God in our everyday lives.  In each session on the dvd, there is a story about a real person and a situation they face in their lives, and an opportunity to live their faith where they are day by day.  This is followed by an interactive bible reading, and a relating of that passage to life as a Christian in the 21st century.

The sessions also encourage members of the group to support one another in their lives away from church and the group.

There are some notes that can be printed off for group members on the dvd – one of our groups used them, one didn’t.

The focus of the course is not for the church to ask, “How can I use this person?”, but, “how does God want to use this person?”.  A very important distinction.  It looks at where people already are, and resourcing them to be Christians in that place, rather than take them from it.

We found this course very challenging and thought provoking. It is great for sparking discussion – usually lots of it!  We didn’t always agree with it, and some of the life situations featured seemed too simplistic and contrived – but that only adds to the conversation as you try to work through what you do believe.  We had some conversations that stretched into the night… It also made us get Bruce Almighty back out – so can’t be bad!

Whoever we are, whatever our age or our life, we all have a ‘front line’.  This dvd helps to reflect on where yours is, and how to live there.

Some quotes from our groups:

“Life on the Front Line I felt help me learn more about the other people in my group, and by doing so gave me more of a focus for my prayer time for the people in my group which I hope would of supported them on their front Line.”

“It’s a useful dvd that prompted me in thinking about how I live out my faith in my working life. It’s very watchable and accessible”

What housegroup materials have you tried? What did you like about them? What more would you want from them? Have you tried this particular course? How did you get on with it?

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