Google Plus on HootSuite (@asaltdbe)

Google Plus on Android

At last, HootSuite have made G+ more useable for churches, charities, any anyone with a page. Recently, they added the G+ network to the web version of their social network application. This means that if you use HootSuite to post to your social networks, you can now post to your church G+ page, schedule posts to G+, or post to multiple networks, including G+.

HootSuite (or any other android app provider) are yet to enable this network on their Android application, but perhaps that will be HootSuite’s next step.

For those who haven’t tried the network since my earlier post Google Plus – The Application on Android – using it as a #digidisciple then it’s worth revisiting. The Android application has a much richer look and feel, with more integration, including ‘local’ and ‘events’. In my opinion, G+ is superior to Facebook, and implemented in a much cleaner way. What google don’t have is the critical mass to pull enough people away from the Facebook network that they know and love.

G+ has the potential to be a ‘Facebook Killer’ but I don’t believe it’s a ‘faith killer’ as Jonathan Blundell mooted in his post Google+ – The faith killer? . As more tooling emerges, G+ becomes an increasingly viable network with which to outreach to. I don’t believe it yet has the power of Facebook or Twitter, and it isn’t on the top of my social media strategy, but well worth keeping an eye on.

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Andy is the Social Media Officer for @StPaulsCamb in Camberley, Surrey and the @StMikesOpen4All project (#CNMAC12 runner-up for most creative use of social media). He built up a presence on various social networks for St Paul's, and learned an awful lot, from some really nice people, along the way. He loves Android, and uses a stack of apps to help him carry out his role at St Paul's. Oh, and did I mention attending @DigitalSurrey :)