What’s your digital paradise? #GB12

Did you make it to Greenbelt 2012? Despite my move to Durham this coming weekend, I did, and enjoyed many aspects of it… mostly working with Bryony Taylor, Sharon Harriott, Dot Gosling & Andrew Blakeston on The Big Bible Project/CODEC stand in G-Source, despite the number of times we had to run around rescuing elements from the rain!

We asked people visiting the stand to indicate what their paradise looked like, and Pin it to the board. We had planned to have a ‘Pinterest’ board, with categories for ‘Bible’, ‘Jesus’, ‘Paradise’, etc, – and for people to stick on ‘dots’ to indicate ‘repins’, but the hired boards were not to be found. On the Saturday, however, we decided to use the back-display – and that definitely increased our interaction.

So, as Bryony, Bex and Pam Smith had a discussion about ‘Finding your digital paradise’, we’d be interested to know what YOUR digital paradise would look like. To start you off, we discussed things such as being accepted for who you are (whilst still recognising the limits/appropriateness of a medium), permeable borders – especially with groups, friendships created, and increased accessibility. 

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