Priorities, priorities…. (@sallysjourney) #digidisciple

A few days ago I received a message asking me if I’d remembered that it was my turn to post for digi-disciple. Of course, I replied confidently, and then I have to admit that I forgot all about it! So has my commitment to being a Digi-disciple waned? If I am honest my answer is both yes and no, let me explain; I have just moved house, I moved because as a Methodist Minister that is what we do, roughly ever 5 years. Along with my move I have changed inter-net provider and e-mail address, the latter brought with it an amazing benefit, my Inbox is no longer cluttered with junk, by that I mean apparently legitimate e-mails that somehow escape the junk folder.

Alongside the lack of e-mail to bother with I have reduced my use of Facebook and Twitter and have even blogged less. Now don’t get me wrong, I really think that the net and social media are a good thing, but I began to see how they have the ability to infringe upon REAL LIFE in a way they should not, in a way they provide us with a safety barrier or mask and while this may be good for some folk for a time for other I wonder if they serve to sever us from reality in an unhealthy way.

While sharing thoughts and music, ideas, prayer requests and more on-line are valuable and important it is also important to make sure that we don’t neglect our REAL LIFE loved ones and companions in the process. God came to us in Christ with “skin on”, spent time with people , listened to and touched them. We are each (mostly) surrounded by people who we can be in real life touch with. I find that I have been challenged, how about you?

Maybe this video will help;

An interesting fact; I looked for an image under the heading touch, the results were all pictures of touch screen phones…

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