7 Lessons from @Problogger #31DaysTABB so far…


So, after several days of intermittent access to the computer, European travel, etc. how far has @bigbible actually got with 31 Days to a Better Blog!

  1. Write an Elevator Pitch’. Still continuing to add to the wordcloud, which will become a values statement/’About’ page/elevator pitch.
  2. Write a List Post’. A number of these have been done previously, but seek to encourage more of these kinds of posts from #digidsciple(s). Specifically, to develop “7 things you didn’t know about @? #digidisicple”.
  3. Promote a Blog Post’. A reminder that this worked particularly well in the early days, especially asking for comments to start the conversation, and as a reminder to commit more time to this/develop lists of interests – and to think about potential mainstream media angles to stories.
  4. Analyse a Top Blog in Your Niche’. In workshops I’ve always recommended that you look at what’s good/bad/for gaps on other’s websites, etc. and this applies here. The blog I will be looking at is Mashable – it’s an inspirational site, and great at highlighting where the best material is online on a particular topic, and adding it’s own take in to the mix.
  5. Email a Blog Reader’. A reminder of the value of personal relationships over numbers online. Taking the time to connect with individual contributors/readers, and to take the time to comment on other’s posts/blogs.
  6. Make Your Blog Mobile Friendly’. Realised that the mobile plugin that had been installed hasn’t been since the new design. New plugin added, but investigation WPTouchPro. A reminder of the importance of headings. Looking forward to input from Anna Drew to help with this.
  7. Write a Link Post’. A reminder that Rev Joanne Cox’s post on Advent Resources was particularly successful, and to encourage/develop similar – e.g. Bible conversation sites.

So, plenty for me still to do… Anyone else done/doing this? Comments? Experiences?

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