Analyse a Top Blog in Your Niche: Day 4 #31DBBBDay4 with @problogger

There’s always plenty to learn from other people’s blogs, and in all workshops, I always advise that if you’re thinking of setting up a blog, etc.. go and look at what others are doing – look at what you like/don’t like, and think what lessons you can learn from the site.

Spending time on other blogs allow you to pick up ideas, strategies & tips, but also see where any gaps are that you can then work with.

Today’s Task

Take 15 minutes to analyze the blog

  • content
    • What topics are they covering?
    • What topics are they ignoring?
    • What voice or style do they post in?
    • How often are they posting?
    • What level are they pitching their posts at (for example, beginners, advanced, etc.)?
  • reader engagement
    • What topics generate the most conversation?
    • What styles of post seem to connect with readers best?
    • What questions are readers asking in the comments?
    • What complaints do you see readers making in the comments?
    • What tools or media is the site using (for example, are they using Twitter, forums, etc.)?
  • design
    • What’s your first impression from their design?
    • What have they done well? What have they done poorly?
    • What options do they give readers to subscribe?
  • Monetization
    This will give you hints as to how you might make money from your blog.

    • What advertisers are targeting this blog?
    • What type of affiliate programs are they promoting?
    • These sites can give an idea of traffic, keywords that link into a site, etc. – but the information is not always accurate.
  • Traffic

Further Thoughts

  • Who’s linking to their/your blog?
  • If you can read code, what can you learn from their source code?
  • What are all the blogs in your niche doing – which if you’re not doing them, you’re missing out – and what can you do differently?
  • Don’t spend so much time looking at others blogs that you don’t spend enough time on your own blog.
  • Be unique – don’t just copy what others are doing – otherwise why would people bother reading it?

Further Actions

  • Make a list of blogs that are in your niche, and put aside time to read/comment on them. See patterns emerging, and identify the voices of authority in a sector.
  • Read why other blogs are not  your competition.

I’m having so much problem with the internet connection in this hotel in Prague that I will come back to actions, but I’m allowing the thinking to circulate.

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