Choose a Social Media Site to Focus On Day 8 #31DBBBDay8 with @problogger

Is it worth the time on social media channels? How can they help you build your audience without draining all your time?

Like any communications channel, you really should assess whether your blog’s readers use a given network before you dive in to building a presence there.

Today’s Task

If you don’t have a social media presence – start preparing to get one.

If you already do have a social media presence, step back and think more analytically about how you’re using it.

  • Which network is/are your audience using? Ask them
  • Which network suits your brand?

Some networks simply don’t suit some brands.
As an example, my Twitter tips blog,, doesn’t have a Facebook page. Facebook isn’t the place for a blog about Twitter, is it? Logically, it’s a no-go

Think about where most of your readers spend there time, and invest your efforts there [although if you want to build an audience that’s already elsewhere… ]. We’re definitely spending a lot of time on Twitter, some on Facebook (for particular purposes), but there are others that we’re linked to that we need to think through whether it’s valuable being on there. 

Searching for your blog topic’s key words and phrases on the social network will help you to get an idea of who else is operating in that network, and how many followers and fans they have.

Whilst checking that you can gain some idea of what the ‘competition’ is like? Although, ‘competition’ is a poor word, as they may become your allies and collaborators – each pointing to the value of the others. Always seeking to work in collaboration – there’s so much to be done in this area. 

A word of warning

Social media can be fun, especially if we’ve used it particular for our personal lives. It’s careful not to be spending so long on social media that you’re neglecting other parts of your work that can be used to build your material/message. Always a good reminder, but think we have the balance right. 

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