#Digidisciple Blog-Post Round-Up October 1-14 2012


Our #digidisciple(s) have continued to provide excellent content, and below, we’ll attempt to summarise by the four areas that we ask them them to write on, with the optional theme of ‘#Story’ to tie in with #CNMAC12 offered for October.


Emma Major asked whether we decorate the Cross too much, which certainly seemed to bring in some agreement from others.  Rector Chick wondered whether if churches had glass walls, they would be less intimidating places to visit.

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A story in USA Today questioned whether digital Bibles necessarily means the end of the printed Bible. Megan Gray is currently preaching on Job, and considered how she might tell the story, using her voice, and her communication options. Nancy Wallace gives us an insight into stories from the life of Mary of Bethany (who sat at Jesus’ feet).

We are still looking forward to our #BigBible Saturday Sessions, unfortunately Pete Phillips is signed off work, so we are awaiting information as to when we can reschedule his session.


For #BigRead12 Advent, we’ll be looking for 25 daily entries (preferably a mix of text, image, video, poetry) on the theme of ‘Waiting’. Advent is a time of waiting for God’s arrival, for his promise to us on earth. What does ‘waiting’ look like for us, as we wait with hunger, for a job, in line, and for the special time of Christmas. What do you associate with ‘waiting’ and might you be keen to contribute?

We will be using Rowan Williams book The Lion’s World for our Lent  #BigRead13. Weekly housegroup materials will be provided free-of-charge, Rowan Williams will provide video content, and we will encourage conversation online.


Pam Smith encouraged us to to tell the stories of Jesus that we love to hear, emphasised by Laura Sykes as she considers fiction, and how it may be true even if not real.  Jackie Davie emphasised this in the telling of our own lives as a continually emerging story – and Helen Nicholls gave an insight into her life, bringing back stories from the Church and Media Network conference. David Cloake pondered on what the purpose is to all our blogging, etc. and whether there needs to be one. Sipech considered whether the disappointment he felt at not being shortlisted for #CNMAC12, and whether being online is about forgetting your ego and participating. Ed Ross interviewed @bethanysister, one of the exclusive group of tweeting nuns to see how they do it.

Andy Byers looked at the use of Twitter to free prisoner Youcef Nadarkhani, and questioned how Twitter can be used in such justice issues, and also finished his mini-series on screens – on the dangers of screens as a veil. Holly Poulter looked at the new Channel 4 programme ‘The Audience’, and considered how we put ourselves out there every day, whilst Nick Morgan identified how Facebook has made it easier to ‘tickle the itch’ that is seeking to know how human stories move on/end. Jonathan Blundell gave us tips and tricks to encourage us to engage online more, and on the move. Ernie Feasey looked at the campaign(s) for the new Archbishop, and questioned the way that people have debated about this online. Bryony Taylor got plenty of debate going in a Facebook group questioning how far Romans 14 needs to be applied to the use (or not use) of mobile phones in church.

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As we prepare for #CNMAC12, with the conference on Saturday 20th October, hear from speakers: Sara Batts, Catherine WybourneBryony Taylor, Andrew FlynnMatt Brooks, Andy Byers, Vicky Walker and Paul Webster.

Dyfed Wyn was inspired by watching Vicky Beeching at Greenbelt using her iPad to speak from, to give it a go for preaching. Muriel Sowden gives us a real insight into how Facebook helped a group form the ‘Tea and Toast Project‘, echoed by Tony Whittaker’s post identifying a report which demonstrates that social media is twice as effective as anything else in encouraging engagement with the church. Anders Orsander asks us what our church websites tell the rest of the world about us – will they encourage people to come in.

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