Email a Blog Reader: Day 5 #31DBBBDay5 with @problogger

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In building a community on your blog, you are looking at giving some of your blog reader’s some personal attention.

Today’s Task

When you pay personal attention to a reader, it makes it more likely that they will return to the blog, but also let others in their network know about your blog.

Look over the most recent comments on your blog, and email a commenter that your don’t recognize. Email & say thank you, link back to your blog, reply/add to the comment, and think about pointing them to your RSS feeder.

Take it Further

  • If the person has left a link to their own blog, leave a comment on their blog – helps build the relationship.
  • Respond to the comment on your own blog [and what about saying that you have left a comment on their blog!!] – demonstrates that you are happy to engage in conversation, and also builds comment numbers – which may be taken into account by e.g. Google.

Spend 10-15 minutes a day on this, and you will build a loyal readership. [This can also work well on Twitter – doesn’t have to be email!]

Think one reader is not enough?

Many blog readers will come, and go just as quickly. You are seeking to engage loyal blog readers – especially those who will spread your word in their own social spaces.

Not got many comments to engage with?

Look at those other blogs in your niche, go to those, and engage with relevant, genuine comment, which may then drive traffic back to your own blog.

Think more?

Ensure that people realize that this is not spam email, ensure that it’s personalized.

“One other quick tip: if the person has left a particularly insightful comment or demonstrates that they know what they’re talking about, ask
if they’d be interested in expanding upon their comment with a guest post on your blog.”

Allows new perspectives, and builds momentum on previous blog posts.

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