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We all have the same feeling don’t we?

Is it really morning; again!?

I only just fell asleep. It can’t be time to start the day!

Before you ask,  no this is not a quick advertisement for coffee but a suggestion as to how you might like to start your day in a new way that leads to a more positive day.

First thought…

One of the lines in the amazing hymn, “Be thou my vision”, says Thou my best Thought, by day or by night. Just recently I was thinking about his song and I thought it was, Thou my first thought, by day and at night and it stopped me right in my tracks.

I don’t know about you, but my first thought in the morning is very rarely Jesus.

Is yours?

Or do you like me have  a quick check of the clock/window to see if it really is morning? Do you wake up bleary as your mind reminds your body just what it should be doing?

Then my brain kicks into gear, so even as I’m greeting our sons, wrestling with the kettle and remembering where the fridge is, the to-do lists start flying through my mind. Not only the working day, but things like I really must sort that shelf in the fridge or make sure the boys tidy their cars away properly (as I stand on another one in the back room!).

There are also, some staggering statistics flying around that would suggest most of us pick up our phones and check our twitter or Facebook feeds before even speaking to our spouses!

Is there another way to start the day? 

What if we could make Jesus our first thought by day and by night?

Real life…

You may be thinking, well that is just how life is, mornings are hard work, how can I possible focus on Jesus first thing? I believe we can train ourselves to think about Jesus and I believe it is the calling of all who follow Jesus.

Think about it.

Each moment we have is the only moment we have. The rest is history. We have this moment and this moment alone, so it is imperative that we learn to harness these moments.

What if we made it a priority to make Jesus our first thought of the day?

I would make one suggestion….put some kind of reminder next to your alarm clock.

It may be a Bible, it may be a post-it note with the word Jesus on it, it may be to set a reminder alarm on your phone as your alarm clock – with a scripture or perhaps a phrase.

When you see it, take a breath and remember your creator, remember your Lord and Saviour, say a prayer or perhaps just a quick  good morning – the day has started.

Try it and let me know how you get on in the comments section or drop me an email, let’s start the day the right way

Grace and Peace,


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Steve Blundell (@MrBlunders) works part time for Living Stones Community Church, Eastbourne and part time as a guitar/music teacher. He reads and blogs quite a bit. Steve loves liturgy, the church, prayer and coffee. He is married to Susie and they have two sons.