Interview with William Atkinson of @LSTheology, coming up 3rd November: #BigBible #SatSess

Come and join us on Saturday 3rd November. Dr William Atkinson (LST) will be speaking at the London School of Theology on ‘Bible Centre’, drawing upon Psalm 119. The event will also be livestreamed online. Join us!

William, can you give us a brief insight into who you are, what you do, and what your specialism(s) is/are?

Yes, sure. I’m a Vice Principal at London School of Theology, where I am also Director of Research and a Senior Lecturer in Pentecostal and Charismatic Studies. I’m involved in leadership and management mostly, but still find time to do a fair amount of teaching and supervising projects.

Can you give us a bit of insight into what you will be offering in the session this Saturday. Why Psalm 119? What might we learn from it? What can we do to prepare for the session – what can we be thinking about?

I chose Psalm 119 because it has so much to say about the way the psalmist approaches God’s words. I want to take a leaf out of Bible characters and Bible authors when helping people about how they might approach God’s words usefully. My intention is to explore the attitude the psalmist had and ways that affected his reading and understanding of God’s words. This interplays to a fascinating extent with some of the modern discussions there are about interpreting the Bible today. A good thing to be thinking about before you come is, “What are my heart attitudes when I open the Bible?”

What is the best ‘good news story’ to come out of your journey as a disciple? What (Bible verse, or other) keeps you going when times are hard?

It’s hard to choose one outstanding example! The thing that comes into my mind as I read your question is that God has provided people along the way to be ‘heroes of faith’ for me—people I can look up to and learn from. It’s the same with Bible verses: not easy to choose one example. Different verses speak at different times—it’s all so good!

We’re working on the @bigbible project. How do you think the (stories in the) Bible can inform our discipleship, including online?

There are so many ways they help. There are examples to be followed; deliverances to give us hope; great characters to learn from; mistakes to be avoided… But the most important character, the most important example, is of course Jesus. Discipleship is about following a person, and his name is Jesus.

Join the session online (software instructions), and read about future events in the series.

Notes provided by William

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